An Easy Healthy Way to a Healthy Diet

Our FORTEFIBER™ portfolio consist of cellulose derivatives namely Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose or HPMC (E464), Methyl Cellulose or MC (E461) or blends thereof.

FORTEFIBER™ is a 100% soluble dietary fiber, which is odorless, tasteless, and allergen- and calorie-free. It can be added to food products such as nutrition bars, baked goods, drinks and chews. It offers a simple, cost-effective and convenient way for people to increase their fiber intake.

Besides the obvious benefit of adding fiber to foods, FORTEFIBER™ offers nutritional supplements and bakery products a number of additional advantages:

Delivers a combination of health and functional benefits by helping maintain healthy insulin, cholesterol and blood glucose levels

Non-fermentable, plant-based ingredient that doesn’t cause the gas or bloating often seen with other products on the market

Improves the glycemic index of foods (their ability to affect blood sugar levels)

FORTEFIBER™ helps maintain healthy levels of cholesterol, blood glucose and insulin. By adding it to your products, you can take full advantage of the global trend toward healthier eating.


Effect of FORTEFIBER™ on Glycemic Index (GI)


It also offers an array of functional benefits to food manufacturers:

  • Helps stabilize emulsions
  • Acts as a binder and water retention agent
  • Improves texture and increases the baked volume of bakery products