The Right Food Ingredient for Making Healthier, Better Tasting and Better Looking Food

Our METHOCEL™ family of plant based food ingredients consist of cellulose derivatives namely Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose or HPMC (E464), Methyl Cellulose or MC (E461) or blends thereof.

In many food and beverage recipes these ingredients help to ensure that your customers get a product that looks and tastes great even after preparation, packaging, shipping, freezing, thawing and reheating. They also allow food manufacturers make healthier and more satisfying reduced-fat, allergen-free foods, including gluten-free foods as well as vegetarian and vegan foods without compromising on taste, look or feel.

This single, versatile family of ingredients offers you a host of possibilities for your new product development.

Texture Enhancement

METHOCEL™ food gums are water-soluble thickeners and stabilizers. They have the unique physical property of reversible thermo-gelling: where they hydrate efficiently in cold water, gel to thicken during the heating process but return to the desired texture as the product cools to eating temperature. Consequently, with METHOCEL™ you can precisely tailor the eating texture of your products.

Whether you are looking for binding, foaming, boil out control, shape retention or baked stability for your food product, we do have a METHOCEL™ solution to address your formulation needs.

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Gluten, Egg and Meat Replacement

METHOCEL™ product family can mimic the water-absorbing and structural capacity of gluten as well as the structural functionality of meat and eggs—allowing food manufacturers to create best-in-class gluten, meat or egg free foods that satisfy the dietary needs of consumers without compromising on taste, look, or feel.

It can also ease handling and inventory management - significantly reducing the potential for problems like salmonella contamination It also eliminates the concerns for the varying costs allowing for more consistent product pricing.

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Fat Replacement

METHOCEL™ portfolio enables the production of tasty reduced-, low-, and non-fat foods consumers will love.

The healthy option with full-fat mouth-feel, METHOCEL™ allows you to reduce the fat content in your foods by up to 60% and to replace saturated and trans fats with healthy alternatives such as Omega-9, sunflower and olive oils. That’s one delicious way we can trim our waistlines and make people’s everyday lives a little more healthful.

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Finally, because of their multiple functions, METHOCEL™ products can do more than several ingredients combined. Less waste and fewer ingredients saves you time and money.

METHOCEL™ portfolio offers:

  • Cost-in-use efficiencies through ease of manufacturing and reduced waste
  • Higher margins through lower fat and protein input costs
  • Greater flexibility around acidic ingredients and the potential to expand or enhance your whipped topping product range with fruit, juice and jams
  • The possibility to produce healthier alternatives, that give you a competitive edge by appealing to the consumers

For optimum results, we offer a broad range of viscosity grades (15 to over 200,000 mPas) and different forms of solubility.

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