POLYOX™ - Water-Soluble Polymers with Added Functionality

POLYOX™ water-soluble Poly(ethylene) Oxide polymers are non-ionic, high molecular weight water-soluble Polyethylene Oxide polymers that exhibit many properties typical of other classes of water-soluble polymers - lubricity, binding, water retention, thickening and film formation. They are available in a wide range of molecular weights, enabling formulations designed for individual specifications.

Pharma Solutions


Using our ingenuity to help you reduce cost and time to market, extend product life-cycles, and focus on safety and efficacy to ultimately enable you to deliver better and more convenient medicine.

Discover our solutions for Pharmaceuticals and the benefits POLYOX™ brings.

Industrial Specialties

Our polymers are additive materials, binders and processing aids that can greatly improve the performance and economics of a wide variety of formulation systems.

Discover our solutions for Industrial Specialties and the benefits POLYOX™ brings.